Ohio’s Rock On The Variety Tour: Best Concert Of 2017

After a very successful 2008, Rock on the Range heads back to Columbus Crew Stadium for its third year as the two day event rolls in 2009. After a awesome Saturday lineup last year, and a little too much filler on Sunday- ROTR promises to be mostly killer, and not much filler this year as the festival adds a third stage this year as well too. Even with the economy, some hard rock and metal fans in Michigan will be making their way down to Columbus for this year’s festival.

JH: Well, I wish I could say it’s zero and be all calm about it, but it’s like a 150 on a scale of 100 for me right now. We’re super excited, even going back to pre-production, we were really excited about it. We knew we had something special with this album and just the way it came together, it was better than even we expected. Our number one priority now is just to get the album in people’s hands and see what they think.

1969 marked the year the famous Woodstock Festival took place on Aug. 15th. The farm next to where the infamous event took place was recently put up for sale for over a million dollars. The festival featured such greats as the late Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, and Joan Baez among many other legends. The largest Rock festival ever conceived under the stars, Woodstock was three days of mud, sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. There was even a baby born in the middle of it all. The locale in upstate New York hosted over 500,000 guests, something they weren’t ready for. Parking was a huge problem with traffic jams several miles long.

Downplay has been getting invited to all the big rock events. After relocating to Columbus, Ohio, in ’06 their fan base exploded. They signed a recording contract with Epic Records. This is a monumental achievement. “We’re the first hard rock band to sign with Epic Records in the last five years,” said Dustin Bates, lead singer for Downplay. Their highly anticipated debut album with Epic is to be released in the Fall of 2011 and was produced by Dave Fortman; the producer for Evanescence, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Godsmack and others. They are expected to soar and you’ll understand why after watching them perform at Woodshock.

Now the band is gearing up for a perfomance at this weekend’s www.ticketsride.com festival in Columbus, Ohio followed by some shows with Godsmack before heading back overseas for some more summer festivals like Download and Rock Am Ring.

RW: You know, we’ve been playing in Europe for about the last two months. We did about 31 shows so far, so that’s worked out like our rehearsals so far. We’ll probably do a rehearsal date in New York maybe the day before the tour gets going and then start up the tour.

Lastly, you will want to consider getting a footprint for your tent on a rough surface. The footprint is used to protect the tent from abrasion. If the grounds will be soft grass then you can probably be safe without the footprint.