Save Files Straight into Amazon's Cloud Drive

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wish I had a Save-As button!".

Imagine being able to receive an email and immediately save that attachment straight into Amazon's Cloud Drive. Or imagine the ability to download a ZIP file using Mobile Safari, and saving it directly to Amazon's Cloud Drive, where you can access it from all of your PCs. Amazon's Cloud Drive is an incredible tool that allows all of your PCs to access the same set of files. Your iPhone can finally join the party, using SaveToCloudDrive. This app is designed to be as simple as possible, with the goal of allowing you to save data from your iPhone apps into Amazon's Cloud Drive with as few taps as possible.

Its easy to free all of your data from your iPhone. SaveToCloudDrive will allow any iPhone application that supports the "Open In.." capability to immediately take advantage of Amazon's CloudDrive. Once you pick "Open In..." just select the new "Save To CloudDrive" option. With just one more tap, your data will be in the Amazon Cloud Drive cloud! Within seconds that data once stuck in your iPhone will now be available via the Amazon Cloud Drive web interface.
You will have more flexibility in your work flow. Did you just receive a Microsoft Access document on your iPhone, but you don't have Microsoft Access? That's ok, just use SaveToCloudDrive to save it into the cloud, and open it from your PC when you get a chance.


Key Features